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The current world changed a lot. With a bank deposit, investing in gold, you can't beat inflation.
Real Estate demands more money and risky as well.So, what's the remaining option?

The answer is, "STOCK MARKET!"

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Students Feedback

Arijit Sengupta

Breakout Trading has opened my eyes and gave me the rationale behind when to initiate any positions and how to reduce losses.

Earlier I was trading based on a biased view and there was no crystal clear answer for entry, target, and where to set stoploss.

I feel more confident and structured while doing trading.

Thanks Indrazith for your all support!

Satish Koppa

Your training is very simple and no cumbersome in calculations. I feel it's more simpler than Zerodha varsity😊

Srinivas Ganta

Knowledge is the process of piling up facts but wisdom is all about simplification.

We experienced in the Breakout trading webinar that you belong to the later.
Thanks for your patience in answering each and every question of each attendee.

Know Your Instructor

Indrazith Shantharaj is a full-time trader and author of 7 best-selling books related to the stock market.

His answers have received over 18 Million+ views on Quora.

He uses market profile concepts, price action trading, and a few other aspects of technical analysis to manage his trades.