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Breakout Trading

This course covers how to identify genuine breakouts separating them from false breakouts.

It also provides a positional breakout trading system along with money management rules

2 assignments + 3 Quizzes are also provided to sharpen the learning curve

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Instructor: Indrazith Shantharaj

Language: English

Validity Period: 365 days

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Have you tried 'Breakout Trading' in the past?

The price can move in your favor with a big candle, and it looks like you will mint the money.

But 'Breakout Trading' is also painful.

You notice, the price is breaking above a resistance trendline.

Hence, you take a long trade.

The price moves further upside, and you start thinking it will not come back.


All of a sudden, the price takes a 180-degree reversal.

And in front of your eyes, it takes your stop-loss and falls further.

So now you wonder what went wrong, and a question pops-up in your mind:

"How to differentiate genuine breakouts from false breakouts?"

Well, that's what you will discover in this course.

It’s important to understand two herds that exist in the market:

1. Smart Money and

2. Dumb Money

Smart Money’ refers to institutional investors, big sharks who have money and information power who give direction and momentum to markets.

Dumb Money’ refers to nonprofessional traders, retail traders who often try to make quick money.

Do you agree that it’s always a good idea to follow smart money?

Then you should know one thing.

Participation from smart money creates a genuine breakout, and the absence of smart money participation results in a false breakout. Isn’t it?

This course explains a simple way to find out real breakouts using PRICE and VOLUME. 



Three months access for the session| Three-month support via WhatsApp | 2 Assignments to sharpen the learning curve | 3 Quizzes to test the knowledge | downloadable resources.


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